Worldwide Weddings

I love my destination and multicultural weddings, as the whole wedding transforms into a completely unique adventure. The place, the big build up, the vows and the party all happen in new surroundings. So here are some weddings worldwide to give you a hint of what traditions and attire are out there.

worldwideweddings_blog_4In this photo originally published in the June 1951 issue of National Geographic, women carrying rosaries and prayer beads pause en route to church in St. Wolfgang, Austria, where mothers for 500 years or more have handed down fan-shaped headdresses to the brides of eldest sons. Photograph by Volkmar Wentzel


worldwideweddings_blog_5In traditional Afghan weddings, brides are unveiled and often wear revealing dresses and heavy makeup. At this wedding in Kabul, Afghanistan, the bride wears green, a color associated with prosperity and paradise in Islamic tradition. Her sober expression reflects the fact that marriage is an enormous milestone in an Afghan woman’s life, not just a celebratory event. Photograph by Lynsey Addario


worldwideweddings_blog_3In the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Berber brides are dressed for a traditional mass wedding that includes four days of ceremonial rituals. In one, brides purify themselves with water gathered from a river. Photograph by Alexandra Boulat


worldwideweddings_blog_2Relatives and neighbors fete bridegroom Ameen Ararah (in floral head scarf, at center rear), 21, at his wedding in the Old City of Sanaa, Yemen. In a country where nearly half the population lives on $1.45 a day, wedding expenses—which can exceed $5,000—are prohibitive. Many couples now pool resources and marry in groups. Photograph by Stephanie Sinclair


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