What the…!?

The photos that are best are those you never imagine before the day. That for me is truly natural. If that is hard to imagine try forseeing fire engines turning up when the late night party is getting into full swing…Enter Cheryl and Dave. Never before have I heard the hotel staff shout…”Out!”, “Out!” and then, dragging all my kit and knocking over a few tables on the way, you see the firey splinters spitting out of the hotel roof. Well what do you do? Like the wonderful Cheryl and Dave you put your hands up and get on with it. Cue pictures with the firemen and when the blaze was under control it was back in to finish what was a perfect day with a twist of drama. More pictures on the way…..including fireman…but for now it’s hats off to a very cool couple…

2 Comments on “What the…!?

  1. Great shots send me your details and yes they are the coolest couple I know Emma ( bridesmaid) 🙂

    • Very, very cool couple! Wait til you see the shots from the bridal suite 😉

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