Top Tips: Don’t Let Your Photographer Take Over!

The last thing you need on your wedding day is a photographer who acts like some over-bearing sergeant major! Yes, you want them to do what they do best but not at the expense of 2 hours of post ceremony ear bashing and lining up feeling like you’ll be shot if you get it wrong. At this point you should be seeing your friends and family and they want to be seeing either you or the person serving behind the bar…More often than not, if the photographer is far too loud then they are probably unsure about what they are doing….If you think you’ve got a photographer like this, buy loads of ear muffs for everyone for when they start ordering you about. That’ll keep ’em quiet. If you haven’t got a photographer yet ask them if they have a set routine of pictures. If the answer seems to be ‘yes’ and they go into a monologue of what their ideas are then you may have a shouter, so my advice is stick some ear muffs on and say no. Get someone who listens to what YOU want

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