The Grand Palais, A Big Little Venue

The Grand Palais

April’s wedding fair took me to The Grand Palais in Swinton. What a wonderful find! Lovingly restored over 15 years by Stephen Johnson, the gold leafed decor and chandeliered ceiling has a distinct ballroom feel. As part of the dance school that shares the same 1920s building the possibility of having a dance themed wedding or just getting wed in a cute but quirky venue should be really appealing. Even the loos have been given the loving refurb touch! Some of my favourite weddings have been really simple venues – Karin and Joe’s in a scout hut in the middle of Cumbria comes to mind! – where all of the energy of the day is essentially in one space. Somehow it just adds to the whole spice and intensifies the whole flavour! If you’d like to get in touch with The Grand Palais check out their Facebook page or email Abigail Hannon or call 0161 794 0459

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