Sami Tipi!

Karen & Geoff’s wedding was a cracker not just because it was local to me and it had it’s own little quirks – who else would have a little front room chair and fireplace in the middle of a field – but because it was Tipi time! My first Tipi wedding and they just transfrom the whole occasion into something fantastically unique.Preview_Karen_and_Geoff_005

Enter Jodie and Craig from Sami Tipi! On the morning of the wedding the Tipis were going through their last checks and standing tall and firm ready for the guests – and the gusts. Pextenement Farm, hosting the big day, is up on the tops around Tod but even the wind didn’t move these wonderfully spacious places that just seemingly pop up and provide a magical setting for a wedding party!


Inspired by the Sami People of Lapland and all professionally put together and looked after on the day you suddenly have this new home lit with fairy lights, all your own touches and a magical Alice in Wonderland kind of feel fills the air. The wooden beams, tables and chairs just add to it all plus you can all huddle round the Tipis’ own fire late into the night. There’s a lovely festival feel and vibe that everyone gets into! People spill out to enjoy life in the freedom of the outdoors and the late night summer light.

When I got the shot of Karen just dancing in the shadow of the big tipi you kinda got the sense that you could let loose – and she did!




And then on into the night of dancing. From being out oin the middle of nowhere you can retreat into a really special atmosphere created by the Tipis. Everyone parties together – there’s even space for a band and a dancefloor….not bad if you want to fling your now wife around like Geoff. Good job there was plenty of room…..


Karen_and_Geoff_334 Karen_and_Geoff_358

If you’d like to get in touch with Jodie & Craig then please go over to the Sami Tipi website for more info, send them a mail or just call on 01332 80604

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