Rippin’ It Up This Summer!

Well, this summer is the busiest ever and it does mean a bit of wear and tear……literally. July the 22nd was Laura & Adam’s day and it was a hot, sticky one. Plenty of love and cheer and fantastic spirit but I wish the Town Hall gardens in Rochdale hadn’t presented me with that little wall to jump over. Rather than go the guests’ route I decided to head them off by jumping that tiny wall. My trousers decided to get themselves in a tangle and to stay put while my leg did the small leap for weddingkind. So grateful to hear that riiiiiiippppp!..not. Not sure whether the extra large smile from Laura and Adam’s was due to the huge Mustang that awaited them or the photographer in trouble. Anyhow, a 20 minute quick trip to the local trouser emporium sorted me out with an extra pair bought just in case. So just a note to all you future bride and grooms that I’ll be checking the wall heights around your venue when I’m there…..

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