Photographers I Love: Jeff Ascough

Jeff Ascough

I’ve been looking a lot of wedding photography, especially at the shows I exhibit at. I think good wedding photography needs to bring the story back to the couple married. Each image, or sequence of images, needs to reflect the story that happened there and then; not a set of pre-concieved images that just look the same as every other photographer. Jeff Ascough is someone who does this to world acclaim. I love this shot. It just gives so much more meaning and feel as the groom is waiting in the church. I had my shot of Mark & Jen Taylor and his wedding on my mind when I chose this. These are great moments and that’s the way forward! I can’t believe Jeff Ascough is younger than me! – not by much I hasten to add….I swear I read he was about 60 and was at the end of his career (sorry, Jeff). And he lives in Lancashire like me. Well good job he’s not at the end of his career, the more photography like this the better…here’s to more real wedding photography.

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