Moments of 2017

2017 has been such a brilliant year for many reasons. It’s been a full year as a Fearless Photographer. There have been more wonderfully unscripted times, fantastic people and places and that’s give some great memories. There’s a video montage and then the photos with a little bit about them. They’re numbered but not ranked in any way and not meant to be “the best”! Just click on their names if you’d like to see some more from their day.

Here’s the vid,

Here are the photos,

1. Ashleigh & Sam. One of my faves. How giddy are these two!? As well as a feeling of simple happiness this photo has our man Sam right in the centre – I love that. I like it when fellas take centre stage more, sometimes..

2. Caz & John. Ahhh! Soooo full of energy. They had that energy for every second of the day… even when they were alone.  When checking out the evening room they just jived without any guests there. This photo tells me how much fun they were always going to have.

3. Emma & Craig. Top of a mountain in Sorrento, Italy, at sunset on their wedding day….doesn’t get much more idyllic. Literally, a high of the year.

4. Hattie & Allan. In the midst of August the rain came. I’ve always thought that it’s people and personalities, rather than place and weather, truly reflects the day. And in this shot that was so true. Such a wonderful chemistry that beat all the showers.

5. Nik & Dan. Even though people are at the heart of everything, place, well, has it’s place. I was with Nik, Dan and their friends and family for a unique weekend in the Scottish lowlands. I love being out in the hills and dales, and this all came together at Friars Carse.

6. Laura & Greg. First time for me in all my days to experience a “first look”. Beautifully emotional and will never forget it.

7. Rachael & Daniel. Love a quirky shot. Trust them to be from my home town….

8. Monalisa & Philip. An African wedding with all the colour and energy you’d think but I will always look at this photo – taken in the street away from the party – and think of their story and how humble, thankful and what wonderful people they are.

9. Katy & Daryl. Beautifully romantic! The day at Falcon Manor with these guys was awesome – went in a blur. The set of portraits in the edit, just keeps me transfixed and this is one of the best.

10. Jen & Chris. The partying is all part of it. This went on…and on…and on. What a buzz!

11. Ashleigh & Sam. The moment Pete, the best man, did the Haka – unannounced – for Sam and Ashleigh at his wedding. Unbelievable rush of emotions personally and professionally.

12. Lauren & Robert. Love this moment because I took shots unbeknown to them through the doors. But this one stood out because you couldn’t actually see them, but you can feel it.

13. Sam & Will. I’d just come down from a family holiday in The Lakes; straight to Lytham St Annes. Nothing like a brilliantly fun couple like these two to keep the happy, upbeat feeling going.

14. Olivia & David. Right at the start of the season. Just letting these two get on with it and the lovely bridesmaid comes in to do a bit of fluffing. How well she fluffed it; just made it flow right through the image.

15. Victoria & David. Loved the architecture of Manchester Town Hall and all that gave but will never forget the ace response to the hecklers on a walkabout outside. Up yours, mate!

16. Abi & Lee. The getting ready on this day was so full of emotional moments and around one of the things we hold dear. Family. An inherent driver to why I do what I do, I love this moment when the girls in the mirror are about to read the message that Abi has read from her mum.

17. Sarah & Michael. The portraits with both of them were so enjoyable and easy going – and plentiful! But as we chipped through the corridors of Carden Park Hotel, I shot this. It was shot on the move just randomly, and I knew it had a big chance of it not coming out, but it did (just) and I love it.

18. Laura & Mike. Just love this moment because it reads like they just can’t believe that they just got married…in a very good way! Straight out of the service into the car. What have we done!?

19. Stella & Reece. It’s not just about the bride and groom. It’s about everyone having a great time! From the young….

20. Tash & Shaun. To the older….

21. Zoe & Liam. Just love the energy of these two and they drove the whole day to one massive crescendo (and my frame count) and this shot of Zoe has all that charge.

22. Becky & Jamie. Fun, fun, fun from start to finish but this moment in the middle was really beautiful.

23. Megan & Paul. I spent a weekend in Scotland at Tullibole Castle with these guys and people from all over the world. I passed notes between them that were for each other and this was Paul reading his.

24. Amy & Tom. So many great spaces around Inglewood Manor and looking for a different angle I spotted all the chairs ready for the ceremony from a balcony. And there she is; a very eager guest that can’t wait until it’s all underway. Made the shot.

25. Jo & Chris. This shot is about time. It was shot in Jo’s old room at her mum’s. It still had a lot of the things that Jo collected growing up. As her bouquet lay on the window sil, all of the figurines – ranging from very young to young lady – seemed to look at the flowers marking how time had passed.

26. Laura & Greg. As grooms go Greg was pretty bouncy. I love that. Loved it even more when he did this..and I got it. Well, he’s happy….s’what it’s all about, eh!?

If you’d like to check out more highlights through out the year you can take a look at Spring 17, Summer ’17 Part One and Summer ’17 Part Two.




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