Lots of Love and Colour

Wedding days should be filled with love and colour and capturing that is part of the art. My craft is an art form and there’s always room for some interpretation of the image in front of me; a change to black and white, a grungy or vintage twist….something that takes the essence of the photo and brings it to the surface. Not too much but just a little here and there. If you want to look how pushing images further and bringing out the essence can really work then check out the work of Daniel Davidson’s and Love and Colour. Wow!!

love and colour montage_910px

I met Daniel at The Preston Marriot Wedding Fair run by The World Bridal Event. It’s so good to meet and be in touch with creative people who are looking to make something new; something that has a a real edge. I happened to be looking at an image from Mike and Sally’s wedding day and I asked if Daniel could give his interpretation of it. Brilliant. The photo can be transformed into an array of colours which have a pop-art edginess that really makes a statement on the wall.

Take a look at that transformation!


Sally and Mike 141

After: sally-and-mike_WD_900px

Make sure you check out the Love and Colour site to see more and get in touch

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