I’m a WPS Award Winner!!

I’m chuffed to say I’m an award winner with Wedding Photography Select! Thank you WPS and the judges for this submission. It was fantastic news when my portfolio was accepted into this exclusive club but to have won an award is amazing. That only 3% of all the images entered get awarded just makes it truly special. It’s also brilliant to be named amongst other award winning photographers who are fellow peers and whom I admire. Well done to those guys, too! Many thanks, also, go to Cheryl and Joe for letting me be their photographer – without them I wouldn’t have this. This photo also goes out as a big thanks to all of my past couples. For me photographing their wedding was the ultimate award and, personally, there’s one of these photos in every one I’ve done. It’s also about the inspiration of future couples, too. I want to create special images for everyone I’ll be with and whenever I hear about a couple’s story and ideas this type of photo begins right there.

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