I’m A Fearless Award Winner!

Fearless Award Winning Photo by Andy Wade

I’ve had the most amazing news that I am a Fearless award winner. I’m gob smaked, chuffed, stunned, blown away, proud and loads of those kinda feelings. Most of all it just highlights what a great time I’ve had image making with ALL of my couples in 2018 and so far in 2019!

Fearless is a community of the best 3000 wedding photographers in the world. The above photo of Anna & Will’s was placed in the top 100 of 10,000 submissions! Judged by an international panel of outstanding image makers it is truly a coveted accolade.

And this week I am in Aachen, Germany. 100 of the world’s best are here to look at how we can produce the finest wedding photography – for you. We pour over all the things that make up your wedding photo legacy and how we deliver that seamlessly whilst being part of your day and there for you.

Being Fearless: Here’s what we are about;

You’re not an ordinary couple. We’re not ordinary wedding photographers.  
You love powerful, original photos. We love taking them.  
You want to remember the beauty, the fun, the realness of your big day. Same!  
You’re passionate, world-wise and looking for the best. We’re a global network of professional photographers striving to go above and beyond every single day.

Is this your style?

Real Moments Wedding Photography is all about capturing authentic emotion, natural connections, and unscripted moments of the wedding day. It shows love in all its real-life vulnerability and brings meaningful interactions to light. This style of wedding photography is perfect for couples who entrust their photographer with the freedom to document honest feelings and genuine interactions of their family and friends on the wedding day

My photography was awarded for it’s ‘realness’. There are other factors and elements to my photography but if the authenticity of these words chimes with you I’d love to hear from you…

Fearless Award Winning Photo

Take a look at my Moments of 2018 for a further insight into my approach with my wedding photography.

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