GUEST WISHES_MONTAGE_1200px_WDGuest Wishes!™

Guest Wishes!™ are a wonderful way of looking back at family and friends on your wedding day. In a postcard style, your guests are captured in their glad rags and leave a special handwritten message to you. I’ll get to know your guests throughout the day, get their handwritten messages, snap their photo and put them together into a Guest Wishes! postcard. It’s a unique, funky alternative to the guest book.

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With Guest Wishes! your guests will love trying to get that message just right – some embarrassing, some beautiful and some just plain baffling – especially after a few glasses of champers. It’s fun, spontaneous and is a unique personal touch to remember your wedding day by.

Traditionally a wedding album contains just your photographs and the comments book is separate and out on its own. With Guest Wishes! you can lace your wedding album with these personal picture messages to make it really special. You can have them at the end together, dotted around or you can even have them in a book of their own. It’s the perfect gift to give back and share with your friends and family as well.


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Guest Wishes! can be created in different styles. Sometimes there is something that connects a couple such as the place they met, or something shared that sparks an idea for Guest Wishes! – so that can form how yours might be. You give me the idea and I’ll do the design. The only thing that you won’t be able to control is what friends and family might say.

Guest Wishes! doesn’t have to be part of photography package. You can just that for the whole day or night – or both! It can be for whatever party you had in mind. Just give me a shout and we can work it out.