Andy Wade Photography at WBE

Fusion Weddings

No matter what the culture or mix of cultures, weddings are where two beautiful people come together and that is the same over the world. I’ve had the privilege to photograph an Asian wedding in one of the most beautiful mosques in the country (Jamia Mosque Sultania). Photographing different weddings of different cultures enriches the way I think and photograph. The different colours and customs always stir creativity and even though emotions seem to be universal in many ways, different cultures present different rituals. The individual attention and emotion centred on an Asian bride and groom before they come together is fantastic, then there are the days of celebration and feasting.


If you would like me to shoot your wedding; no matter whom, where, when and how then I would love to! Asian weddings can be over many days so just get in touch to see how we can work that out!



This year I have had the pleasure of photographing an Indian Indian & English wedding, an Irish & English and also an African wedding with Monalisa and Phillip. The more multicultural weddings the better and so it’s a privilege to be part of the World Bridal Event. Charlotte and Iram are bringing together cultures in brave, new and exciting ways. Check out when the next fair is on the World Bridal Event website.

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