Fearless Photographers Conference

The Fearless photographers conference is held once a year in Europe. This is where the best wedding photographers gather from around the world. It’s very special being part of this community just as it is special and a privilege to be part of someone’s wedding day as their photographer.

Here are five reasons why I’m a Fearless photographer, five reasons why Fearless photographers come together and five reasons to have a Fearless photographer for your wedding.

Photo credits: Andy Wade, Dries Rengle, Rich Howman, Emil Bocsek, Niki Boon, Rebecca Kiger

1. It’s like family

You have lots of family and friends around you on your wedding day, and this is the same. We support and share with each other. And like that a photographer on your day will support and be with you through what is a very different day than usual.

Photos by Dries Rengle

2. It’s striving for the best wedding photography

You want the best for your wedding day – from the venue and wedding breakfast, the cake and your photography. We challenge ourselves to provide the best for couples, understand their needs and produce the most amazing wedding photography.

Photos by Andy Wade

3. It’s about community, sharing & learning

Being with your closest friends and family kind of represents your world. And as you care for that world and look after those people so do we as photographers. We embrace those around us without prejudice. It’s very much like that on your day; we embrace everyone around us, we share the day with those important people around you no mater who they are.

Photos by Emil Bocsek, Rich Howman and Dries Rengle

4. It’s about enjoying every minute

A wedding day is not just about the detail and the planning, it’s about the emotion and letting go on the day. After putting the effort in you want to ENJOY! That’s what we do. We work hard and we enjoy ourselves….and that all counts, too! (and, that’s me in the black tshirt…)

Photos by Dries Rengle

5. It’s about thinking & going beyond

We go beyond wedding photography. We share experiences through the lens as photographers from different backgrounds. From social photography to family photography we try to go beyond wedding photography itself. And with a responsibility to record and see the world, rather than just look at it, we try to give something tangible back. Fearless photographers raised $20,000 for EDF and other local charities in Aachen and I’m very proud of that.

Photos by Niki Boon and Rebecca Kiger

If you’d like to find out more about the Fearless photography mission statement and my awards then click here

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