F is for Flowers

What would a wedding be without flowers!? You’d be forgiven if you thought they just add that personal touch and decorative beauty to the day but the origins go back into a funny old past. Imagine walking down the aisle with bulbs of garlic tied to your head….mmm. That’s what they did in early Greek times to ward off trolls and evil spirits (come to think of it I’ve seen a few fellas behaving like trolls after a few evil ‘spirits’ at the odd wedding). During Europe’s middle ages, it was traditional to bathe only twice a year with a special treat before Christmas, so flowers and herbs were used to cover the whiff of the fuming fella in summer for the beautiful bride. Thank heavens we’ve discovered the Lynx effect. Well there you go but apart for the functional flower you have to adore beautiful fresh flowers a couple of my weddings have been no exception. How about this bunch of fresh daisies from Karen & Geoff’s wedding; simple and beautiful…Karen and Geoff 058Karen and Geoff 260If you’d like some inspration why not check out Nicolette Camille. Her subtle palettes are so harmonius and wildly brilliant!spring7_ss summer5

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