Wedding Ideas – Think Different!!

Wedding Ideas

I’ve met some really interesting couples at wedding fairs this year so far and I’m getting a good vibe about my Guest Wishes! package. People have been saying that they have not seen it before which I’m pleased about that because it’s worth trying to do things differently! I did these funky portraits at the famous Union House in Tod where I live and we made a simple set up for their ‘Coming Out’ party. Brilliant fun and I think that easily adapting the set up and style for different couples and their guests on that day can make for something really unique.

Wedding Ideas  Wedding ideas

Wedding Ideas  wedding ideas


New People at Rogerthorpe Wedding Fair!

Rogerthrope Wedding Show

Here’s the set up at Rogerthorpe Wedding Fair. I was in the back room away from the madding crowds but I managed to speak to some really lovely people. You never know exactly who you will meet at fairs but there are always those that you feel a connection with and that’s the exciting part. Yesterday was no change from that and I have a super shortlist of potentials and if these guys let me photo their weddings I’ll be so pleased: some really cool customers. One thing I did note about my ever developing style of stand is that I need more sweets. None left – again!

Photographers I Love: Robert Doisneau

Robert Doisneau

Beautiful shot. Just captures the essence of a romantic moment. Amongst the Parisien crowd these two are just held as life just passes on by around them. It seems that no-one else but the viewer is given the privelege of seeing that moment. I always look to capture natural moments when I shoot a wedding but interestingly this shot was actually set up – you’d never think it on first viewing! In some ways it says a lot for co-ordinting similar scenarios but allowing things to take their course, something a good wedding photographer needs to do. Whether set up or natural I would guess that these two didn’t really know the camera was there.

Monochrome Mania

Gemma & David's wedding

I love the simplicity of this shot. Sometimes all you need is the bride and groom to make a beautiful, enduring image.

Inspirational Artist

Malcolm Morris rings

This week my inspirational artist is designer and jeweler Malcolm Morris. He is a skilled maker of hand crafted jewellery and he specialises in gold and silver wedding and engagement rings. You may have already seen his work without realising as he designed and made the tiara worn by Gwyneth Paltrow in the film ‘Shakespeare in Love’. Dawn French is also a fan. I like that his work looks natural and organic and that it is made in the UK. My wife’s wedding ring was made by Mr Morris and she truly treasures it. Contact him at

C is for Champagne

Jo & Rob’s wedding

Love this cheeky shot of the aftermath of Jo and Rob’s wonderful wedding. Bet there were some sore heads the next day…I drank my own toast to them when I got home.