Top Tips: Don’t Let Your Photographer Take Over!

The last thing you need on your wedding day is a photographer who acts like some over-bearing sergeant major! Yes, you want them to do what they do best but not at the expense of 2 hours of post ceremony ear bashing and lining up feeling like you’ll be shot if you get it wrong. At this point you should be seeing your friends and family and they want to be seeing either you or the person serving behind the bar…More often than not, if the photographer is far too loud then they are probably unsure about what they are doing….If you think you’ve got a photographer like this, buy loads of ear muffs for everyone for when they start ordering you about. That’ll keep ’em quiet. If you haven’t got a photographer yet ask them if they have a set routine of pictures. If the answer seems to be ‘yes’ and they go into a monologue of what their ideas are then you may have a shouter, so my advice is stick some ear muffs on and say no. Get someone who listens to what YOU want

Quirky Shots of the Year

Sometimes it’s the quirky shots to the side that make up the perfect story of someone’s day. Yes, you want beautiful, natural wedding photos with gorgeous portraits but every set needs some with a sense of humour. Here’s few of my faves and why…

1. All Jive Together… how did this lot seem to bend together in the same way?..

Lynne and Steve 200

2. Onlooking Dog. Sort your button hole out, son…said the smart dog in uniform

Lynne and Steve 018

3. Puff, Puff! This guy was left struggling blowing up a balloon. Tickled me that in the end he actually went redder than the wine he got his friend to hold. She saw the funny side…


4. What Exactly…? Same wedding, same magician, same bemusement; this time from the onlooking children.

Jo & Rob’s wedding

5. It’s not that bad mate! Ben just after the ceremony; glad to get that over with??


6. Mmmm…..! Guest Wishes turn out some beauties. Sure you wanted to say that, Amy??

Hayley & Ben’s wedding

7. Poor Lad. Nothing worse than adults who laugh at you when you can;t get your way. He cheered up soon enough…

Lynne and Steve 080

8. Where Have You Been!? Mark is clearly unimpressed with Jen’s timing…

Jen & Mark’s wedding

9. Eyes Left. Er, actually eyes looking inwards. See the guy on the left…there’s always one joker, eh? Well, good!

Kate & Rob’s wedding

10. You Ok, My Love? Make you own mind up….think Lou just needed a bit of an impromptu lie down

Cathy & John’s wedding



S is for Sunset Wedding

Claire and David 188

Set a simmering, sublime scene in your mind on the edge of a shore 3000 miles away. A sunset wedding. Shot in glorious natural light I came back with this painting of a picture. So many pictures of the whole experience but this embodies the moment in that place and that time. This has to be at the heart of what I do.

Let’s Share Pinteresting Ideas!


I love emersing myself in wedding pictures & styles. Then I can share with brides-to-be before the big day. It’s a great way of talking photography and how we can get set the scene for you. Check out my Pinterest page

At last I found it..

I recently went to the opening of the Tony Ray Jones exhibition at the National Media Museum in Bradford and listened to an interesting talk by Greg Hobson (curator) about how Martin Parr had selected the images that appeared in the show. In the accompanying slideshow this brilliant picture taken by Martin Parr at  a little chapel in Calderdale appeared. It is a picture I had seen years ago and liked but couldn’t remember who it was by. I have had fruitless searches for it to no avail, anyway here it is. Good isn’t it?

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