Rippin’ It Up This Summer!

Well, this summer is the busiest ever and it does mean a bit of wear and tear……literally. July the 22nd was Laura & Adam’s day and it was a hot, sticky one. Plenty of love and cheer and fantastic spirit but I wish the Town Hall gardens in Rochdale hadn’t presented me with that little wall to jump over. Rather than go the guests’ route I decided to head them off by jumping that tiny wall. My trousers decided to get themselves in a tangle and to stay put while my leg did the small leap for weddingkind. So grateful to hear that riiiiiiippppp!..not. Not sure whether the extra large smile from Laura and Adam’s was due to the huge Mustang that awaited them or the photographer in trouble. Anyhow, a 20 minute quick trip to the local trouser emporium sorted me out with an extra pair bought just in case. So just a note to all you future bride and grooms that I’ll be checking the wall heights around your venue when I’m there…..

Lots of Love and Colour

Wedding days should be filled with love and colour and capturing that is part of the art. My craft is an art form and there’s always room for some interpretation of the image in front of me; a change to black and white, a grungy or vintage twist….something that takes the essence of the photo and brings it to the surface. Not too much but just a little here and there. If you want to look how pushing images further and bringing out the essence can really work then check out the work of Daniel Davidson’s and Love and Colour. Wow!!

love and colour montage_910px

I met Daniel at The Preston Marriot Wedding Fair run by The World Bridal Event. It’s so good to meet and be in touch with creative people who are looking to make something new; something that has a a real edge. I happened to be looking at an image from Mike and Sally’s wedding day and I asked if Daniel could give his interpretation of it. Brilliant. The photo can be transformed into an array of colours which have a pop-art edginess that really makes a statement on the wall.

Take a look at that transformation!


Sally and Mike 141

After: sally-and-mike_WD_900px

Make sure you check out the Love and Colour site to see more and get in touch

All Go on the Graphi Album Show

Just been to the Graphistudio roadshow to see all of the new album products on offer for clients old and new. Amazing!!! If the day to day dreams of the perfect album for people weren’t enough then this new wave of creativity has just tipped me overboard. There are wooden covers, dinky USB boxes, HD fine art printing, beautiful new art boxes and even a big box of samples for couples to gorge themselves with on my consultational travels!! Can’t wait til I get this out there. Stay posted for all the possibilities!







1920s – Old But Not Old Fashioned

I found these wonderful little tags in a dusty old shop tucked away in The Dales. Circa 1920s wedding photos of the happy couple, they have quite a cool retro feel and just a reminder that fashion always looks back and borrows for today’s and future fashions.

Scan_1920s-Wedding-Tags_no1     Scan_1920s-Wedding-Tags_no5     Scan_1920s-Wedding-Tags_no2     Scan_1920s-Wedding-Tags_no3

I looked at these and, at first, saw some cheesy grins and poses but then past that was a lovely elegance about that whole period. Any preconception that ‘old’ is a bit fuddy duddy is confounded by such attention to detail, an elegance and a modesty to the look. Am sure the 1980’s have added their own twist on the history of wedding dress and attire and probably not down the lines of chique. I’ve noticed some really beautiful wedding dresses that have borrowed from the twenties. I love the laced arms that was prevalent then and the dresses seem to have been so finely produced. Here are some of the influences of the 20’s in beautiful wedding dresses today. I think we may be seeing a move back toward the covered arm and hooray for that!

Amongst the names for design and influences are Berta, Maggie Sottero and Julie Vino

Berta-Wedding-Dress-Collection-Winter-2014-Bridal-Musings-241 bridal-jv-707-cindy_a content SotteroMidgley-Fall2014-Anastasia-wedding-dress-e1412203585467



















..And here are some from my latest…think Carly and Emma look absolutely amazing in their dresses which are in that same style..!

Carly and Ian 063


Emma and Connor 067

Magic Moments of 2015

Every wedding, like yours I know, will bring it’s own people and personalities and it’s own moments. Not necessarily those expected shots but those that just come together in their own way. These are the gems that are found in the day and there are always more than a few; that’s what I look forward to finding. So I thought I’d share some with you from 2015! 15 of them for now. Just cannot wait to find more in 2016. The best photos are the ones you’ll never think of before they happen..

Karen and Geoff 203Karen & Geoff’s Wedding: Out on the hillside for a Tipi wedding. Then the rainbow appears in between the clouds and the rain and we are there. Never planned and just how it should be!


Tracey and Andy’s Wedding: Tracey left individual, personal notes for all of her guests on the table. There was a beautiful silence as everyone read them all at the same time. So touching and none more so than seeing the tears appear soon after.


Fran and Simon’s Wedding: All the way down in sunny Torquay you find a brilliant couple, an artist on the beach and a view from a bridge. It says it all!


Lyndsay & Marcus’s Wedding: Like no other ceremony I’ll be at. If the ring doesn’t want to go on then just give it some welly. Welly and more at this wedding. I love them for all of their moments that day..

Rachel and Paul 286Rachel & Paul’s Wedding: Chinese Lanterns. The brilliant day that was carried it’s on sad byline. A family loss before the wedding was saluted by a beautiful send off on one of the very last frames of the day.


Jenna_and_Matthew_127Jenna & Matthew’s Wedding: Who goes to their reception on a tractor? In the very ordinary scene of the pub on a road with parked cars…along drives Jenna & Matthew, the newly weds.


Stacey and Mathew 108Stacey & Mathew’s Wedding: A quirky shot in some ways but the real story behind this was that Mathew was almost killed by the Taliban on duty in Afghanistan. Paying tribute to his mum and dad at the speeches, it wasn’t just his parents that felt the emotion.


Sophie and Lawrence 001

Sophie & Lawrence: We’d planned a shoot before the wedding which we had to cancel again and again to disappointment all round. But then the chance came and we went to the Cow & Calf in Ilkley. A there opened up a theatre of light! The stage is set for next year!


Cheryl_and_Dave_136Cheryl & Dave’s Wedding: I say!! There’s no need for that young lady! I’m just doing my job……. purely innocent I’m sure


Emma and Stuart 165

Emma & Stuart’s Wedding: Just a wonderful moment as the sun fell on Emma and Stu’s day. A brilliant couple; just laughter from start to finish and he said he didn’t ever make a good photo…



Kerry and Ian: It always feels like an adventure with people when you meet and know you’ll be there for the most special day of their lives. Like an adventure you want to look around and soak up the moments and the times. As Kerry, Ian and I met up for an afternoon out up looms the bridge at Rivington Pike. It just symbolised that journey and passing through into 2016 and toward their day in July..



Gill and Ray’s Wedding: Mum and daughter just before the ceremony.



Ness & Gaz’s Wedding: Haha! Just defined these two. They never stopped laughing all day. So uplifting and beautiful. So just doing a few shots outside the beautiful old church of St Mary’s in Barnoldswick we ended up with this quirky number. I didn’t ask what it meant…


Kerry & Subir’s Wedding: The place. The place where you get married. Sometimes you walk into that place and you can feel and sense things before they happen. Before a soul witnessed the occasion St Wilfred’s church in Grappenhall opened it’s doors.



Karen & Geoff’s Wedding: Wedding days are about friends as much as family in many ways. This photo has behind it a truly wonderful friendship which has it’s own story. A magic moment that only needs the holding of hands to symbolise that story.


Selfie Made Day!

Are you between 18-35, female and Australian? No wonder I’ve ended up with so many pictures of selfies!! It’s the Aussies that gave us selfies and we’ve done a pretty good job of taking it on. About 350,000 a week on Facebook! But do you cock your head to your left or your right when you take your selfie…..? Ah, right! Well apparently you always do it to the left side. I prefer the funny side of a selfie at my weddings…like the shot of Dan, Emma and Frankie at Cheryl and Dave’s wedding. The bath! Why not.Cheryl_and_Dave_049Well, Instagram may have over 53 million photos with the hashtag #selfie but it doesn’t take much to get a sneaky shot of the bride and groom with the old selfie stick..Jenna_and_Matthew_171_aEveryone one at a wedding becomes a celebrity. I love seeing people being themselves and just, well….celebrating. A selfie orchestrated during the Oscars by host Ellen DeGeneres is the most re-tweeted image ever. She had twelve Oscar celebs on stage including Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Lupita Nyong’o, Jared Leto and Jennifer Lawrence. The selfie was re-tweeted over 1.8 million times in the first hour!!


Not quite as many pictures as I take at a wedding in an hour but here are a few more of my faves from the my weddings…

Ness_and_Gaz_258Rachel_and_Paul_197Fran_and_Simon_334Note the guy on the bottom right. He’s me, the photographer, who’s given up on watching the others photo themselves and is just jumping into a bit of the action for himself. Selfies are a mark of being there. Being there for your family and best friends and being there to acknowledge the love and fun. Long may it continue!