The Space Is The Place

Winter weddings, especially December, have come up a few times now at the start of the wedding fair season with lots of couples booking some gorgeous venues to house their wedding day. Cue conversations about the light ‘going’ at 4 o’clock but in actual fact that turns the focus onto the venue itself and that can bring out a beautiful ambience and atmosphere to warm the cockles of anyone’s day. I love design and architecture and a venue and it’s spaces can always offer an extra edge; be it the soft warm lighting, cosy coves or huge ceilings and shadows. People and personalities always take centre stage but the venue, as that stage, can really make those people in that story come alive. So winter weddings may not have the temperature on the outside but the temperature on the inside can easily take moments to that special place.


laura_and_adam_404 carly_and_ian_427

zowie_and_martin_150 laura_and_adam_328 carly_and_ian_268


The Shows Must Go On!

Need to sort your wedding?? Wedding Fair season is well underway! So last week I was at The Village in Bury and this week it’s the turn of The World Bridal Bridal Event show at The Macron Stadium in Bolton. I love all my fairs as there’s always the anticipation of meeting new people and the chance of being there for them on their day. The World Bridal Event are truly lovely folk and bring together a fab fusion of multicultural wedding products and people to give it that gorgeous gilt edge… Can’t wait to be there and maybe see you, too! Further fair dates for me are:

Macron Stadium, Bolton – 11 Sept.

Towneley Hall, Burnley – 2nd Oct.

Westhoughton Wedding Fair, Chorley – 9th Oct.

Ashfield House, Wigan – 12th, Oct.

Blackrod Wedding Fair, Bolton – 23rd Oct.

Last Drop Village, Bolton – 8th Jan.

Eaves Hall, Clitheroe – 14th Jan.

Westhoughton Wedding Fair, Chorley – 15th Jan.

Blackrod Wedding Fair, Bolton – 26th Feb.


Hopefully see you on my travels.

Rippin’ It Up This Summer!

Well, this summer is the busiest ever and it does mean a bit of wear and tear……literally. July the 22nd was Laura & Adam’s day and it was a hot, sticky one. Plenty of love and cheer and fantastic spirit but I wish the Town Hall gardens in Rochdale hadn’t presented me with that little wall to jump over. Rather than go the guests’ route I decided to head them off by jumping that tiny wall. My trousers decided to get themselves in a tangle and to stay put while my leg did the small leap for weddingkind. So grateful to hear that riiiiiiippppp!..not. Not sure whether the extra large smile from Laura and Adam’s was due to the huge Mustang that awaited them or the photographer in trouble. Anyhow, a 20 minute quick trip to the local trouser emporium sorted me out with an extra pair bought just in case. So just a note to all you future bride and grooms that I’ll be checking the wall heights around your venue when I’m there…..

Lots of Love and Colour

Wedding days should be filled with love and colour and capturing that is part of the art. My craft is an art form and there’s always room for some interpretation of the image in front of me; a change to black and white, a grungy or vintage twist….something that takes the essence of the photo and brings it to the surface. Not too much but just a little here and there. If you want to look how pushing images further and bringing out the essence can really work then check out the work of Daniel Davidson’s and Love and Colour. Wow!!

love and colour montage_910px

I met Daniel at The Preston Marriot Wedding Fair run by The World Bridal Event. It’s so good to meet and be in touch with creative people who are looking to make something new; something that has a a real edge. I happened to be looking at an image from Mike and Sally’s wedding day and I asked if Daniel could give his interpretation of it. Brilliant. The photo can be transformed into an array of colours which have a pop-art edginess that really makes a statement on the wall.

Take a look at that transformation!


Sally and Mike 141

After: sally-and-mike_WD_900px

Make sure you check out the Love and Colour site to see more and get in touch

All Go on the Graphi Album Show

Just been to the Graphistudio roadshow to see all of the new album products on offer for clients old and new. Amazing!!! If the day to day dreams of the perfect album for people weren’t enough then this new wave of creativity has just tipped me overboard. There are wooden covers, dinky USB boxes, HD fine art printing, beautiful new art boxes and even a big box of samples for couples to gorge themselves with on my consultational travels!! Can’t wait til I get this out there. Stay posted for all the possibilities!







1920s – Old But Not Old Fashioned

I found these wonderful little tags in a dusty old shop tucked away in The Dales. Circa 1920s wedding photos of the happy couple, they have quite a cool retro feel and just a reminder that fashion always looks back and borrows for today’s and future fashions.

Scan_1920s-Wedding-Tags_no1     Scan_1920s-Wedding-Tags_no5     Scan_1920s-Wedding-Tags_no2     Scan_1920s-Wedding-Tags_no3

I looked at these and, at first, saw some cheesy grins and poses but then past that was a lovely elegance about that whole period. Any preconception that ‘old’ is a bit fuddy duddy is confounded by such attention to detail, an elegance and a modesty to the look. Am sure the 1980’s have added their own twist on the history of wedding dress and attire and probably not down the lines of chique. I’ve noticed some really beautiful wedding dresses that have borrowed from the twenties. I love the laced arms that was prevalent then and the dresses seem to have been so finely produced. Here are some of the influences of the 20’s in beautiful wedding dresses today. I think we may be seeing a move back toward the covered arm and hooray for that!

Amongst the names for design and influences are Berta, Maggie Sottero and Julie Vino

Berta-Wedding-Dress-Collection-Winter-2014-Bridal-Musings-241 bridal-jv-707-cindy_a content SotteroMidgley-Fall2014-Anastasia-wedding-dress-e1412203585467



















..And here are some from my latest…think Carly and Emma look absolutely amazing in their dresses which are in that same style..!

Carly and Ian 063


Emma and Connor 067