The Beauty of Black & White

Gemma & David's wedding

Why black and white? There’s just something about it. Having some choice black and white shots in your wedding photos adds a beautiful balance. Black and white adds a historical value which places the image in the context of time, just as black and white came before colour so we look at black and white pictures as authentic and purveyors of ‘truth’. A black and white picture is reduced down to form and shape, where reds and greens take on the same tone, and once that happens so to is the emotion in the picture stripped down to it’s essential form. Colour excites and conveys the love, energy and emotion in a more instant way; bang! We are here! This is us today! Black and white allows us a little more time to feel that emotion, to confirm and connect to the fact that these moments have been set in time and were very much real. Here’s a few black and white to contemplate..

Lynne and Steve 200

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