Awarded Again!

Very pleased to announce that I’ve been awarded by the ISPWP – The International Society For Professional Photographers. I’m extra chuffed because that means I’ve now been awarded by the top three international wedding photography organisations.

How it happened

The fab couple in the photo that won the award are Rachael & Kyle on their day at Thornton Manor Lakeside. My approach is always to not overly pose couples. The best photos are not pre-planned and this is certainly the case here.

Rachael and Kyle decided to go for a wander away from the party for 20 mins. I was already in front of them capturing them as they walked together; they’d just forgotten I was there. As I was on the path Rachael just decided to run up the bank and pull Kyle with her along the top. I saw the shot and dashed central to the tree and just waited and there it was. It was so spontaneous but to add the cherry on the cake a flock of geese flew over the hedge at that very moment – perfect!

I never think about awards during someones wedding day; it’s not about that. Every wedding I do is full of award winning shots because that’s the way I do things. It’s about the journey of the whole day rather then one moment to show after but Being recognised by these bodies and my peers does elevate you into a different league than most in my profession, so I’m very proud of that…and of Rachael & Kyle 🙂

Click this link to Rachael & Kyle to see all of their award winning day!

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