Autumn Love, Light and Palettes

Not only is my birthday at the start of autumn, which makes it pretty good, but we turn over gradually to autumnal light. There maybe more hours of light in the summer but autumn sees the start of sun stay lower in the sky for longer, so it’s dreamy light to shoot into. Mix that with some beautiful people and palettes and you have some sumptuous images and memories.

So, whilst tucking into a cinnamon and raisin bagel (any excuse), I thought I’d share some post-summer people, pictures and palettes with you. So below are three of my weddings from autumn just gone, all with a slightly different twist for you to compare. Then there are some palette cards to have a look at to see what might work for you.

First up was Lorna and Paul’s day at the end of October. Plenty of pumpkins and lots of love and warm reds and oranges! Classic, punchy and full of lots of lovely stuff.

Then there’s Sarah and John’s day on Halloween all with a gothic twist. Sarah’s palette had less orange than Lorna’s and was deeper in red. She then went into the blacks with a Tim Burtonesque touch. In the autumnal light the darker side to the palette still works like magic with the natural colours in the late October sun. So distinctive but still with a soft, sumptuous feel. So, take a look at these palettes before we go to the last wedding. Take three key colours close together and then try to use a contrasting colour of the same tone. So you can see that even though you might have three warm colours such as orange, red and brown they can all be set of by a blue or grey of the same tone – or weight. So Lorna’s has a blue thistle and the blue of Paul’s suit and Sarah’s has more a charcoal grey to black. After these we go into late winter light which is even softer. Have a look at the palettes and then have a look at Sophie’s palette for early December at the end. The colours start to reverse the first two palettes with purples, blues and grey that is then accented by the warmer pink. So gorgeous!

So here’s Sophie and Lawrence’s wedding at the beginning of December (still technically autumn!) and she has a really soft palette which the soft light of early December has really picked up. It can work as a really warm palette and be set off visually with a warmer vintage colouring, or, it can work with blue – like the suit of the very dapper Lawrence – to give the whole palette a soft yet cooler feel. The cool neutral sky with the shot of the girls in their gorgeous outfits also compliments the warmer palette and sets it off beautifully (plus the girls were totally warm and lovely too!)If you’d like to chat palette’s just drop me a line. I’d love to know what you’re planning and I’d be happy to help. Don’t forget to see all the weddings above in full. Check them out on these links and you’ll get the sense of the colours that set the day off.

Just love autumn!

Sophie & Lawrence

Lorna & Paul

Sarah & John



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