I live on the border between Lancashire and West Yorkshire with my lovely wife and two children and have been a photographer for 25 years. The photography is part of that natural, family togetherness and that is an important influence on the way I capture images. I always hope that the couples I’ve photographed look back at the images with the same fondness as I do. I hope to not only to tell the story of your special day, but capture the moments that tell that more personal story. No matter who the couples are, or what kind of things they like, there is always a simple, natural emotion which is always present. Love I suppose. That’s why a simple, natural style works for me.

Sonya & Andy’s weddingOf course at any special event it is important to choreograph photography and know what your couple wants, but often the best pictures are those that you could never think of before they happen. In a sense those images find you, rather than you trying too hard to find them. Everyone’s day is unique so I never try to copy a formula from one wedding to the next. They are all different.

Cathy & John’s weddingThen all these unique moments come together after the event to re-tell a wonderful story. Your photographs should convey all of the meaningful parts of the day; stories and sequences that you sometimes never see as the bride and groom. That story telling is really important and that’s why I pay attention to every shot when I get them back – your album should tell a story as well as each photograph standing alone in a unique way.

One of the best things about a wedding is meeting people. Making people feel at ease makes me feel at ease and that way a more natural style can come through in the photographs. Everyone has their own way, their own styles and ideas and so each wedding is different; each one full of new characters, a new story and always a day to look forward to. Who knows how it will unfold? I hope I can photograph your wedding.


Andy Wade
..and just a last note. Why pay good money for a photographer? Who ever you choose just have a look at this story and see why…