1920s – Old But Not Old Fashioned

I found these wonderful little tags in a dusty old shop tucked away in The Dales. Circa 1920s wedding photos of the happy couple, they have quite a cool retro feel and just a reminder that fashion always looks back and borrows for today’s and future fashions.

Scan_1920s-Wedding-Tags_no1     Scan_1920s-Wedding-Tags_no5     Scan_1920s-Wedding-Tags_no2     Scan_1920s-Wedding-Tags_no3

I looked at these and, at first, saw some cheesy grins and poses but then past that was a lovely elegance about that whole period. Any preconception that ‘old’ is a bit fuddy duddy is confounded by such attention to detail, an elegance and a modesty to the look. Am sure the 1980’s have added their own twist on the history of wedding dress and attire and probably not down the lines of chique. I’ve noticed some really beautiful wedding dresses that have borrowed from the twenties. I love the laced arms that was prevalent then and the dresses seem to have been so finely produced. Here are some of the influences of the 20’s in beautiful wedding dresses today. I think we may be seeing a move back toward the covered arm and hooray for that!

Amongst the names for design and influences are Berta, Maggie Sottero and Julie Vino

Berta-Wedding-Dress-Collection-Winter-2014-Bridal-Musings-241 bridal-jv-707-cindy_a content SotteroMidgley-Fall2014-Anastasia-wedding-dress-e1412203585467



















..And here are some from my latest…think Carly and Emma look absolutely amazing in their dresses which are in that same style..!

Carly and Ian 063


Emma and Connor 067

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